• Monitoring of the chemical quality including also different irrigation parameters and water pollution indicators of the transboundary rivers Evros, Ardas, Erythropotamos, Nestos, Strymonas and  Axios and of the Greek rivers Loudias, Aliakmonas, Pinios, Litheos, Pamisos, Portaikos, Sofaditis and Enipeas.


  • Monitoring of the chemical quality including also of  irrigation parameters and water pollution indicators of the waters of the lakes: Vistonida, Doirani, Kerkini, Volvi, Koronia, Vegoritida, Zazari, Petron, Chimaditida, Kastorias or Orestias, Big Prespa and Small Prespa and of  the rivers, torrents, streams and ditches discharging into the above mentioned lakes.


  • Monitoring of the chemical quality including also irrigation parameters and water pollution indicators of ground water irrigation wells of the following river and lake basins of the study area: Ardas, Evros (the agricultural areas of Orestiada- N. Vyssa-Ooides- Sofikou- Feres-Alexandroupolis), Erythropotamos, Rodopi-Vistonida, Nestos, Aggitis-Drama, Strymonas,  Axios-Loudias, Doirani, Moglenitsa, Vegoritida, Lagada-Volvis & Mygdonias, Kastorias, Prespa, Aliakmona, Kallipefki, Titarisios, Pinios, Enipeas, Xyniada and Karla. That is a total of 21 basins of rivers and lakes were included.


  Aliakmonas RiverAliakmonas River


  Kerkini LakeKerkini Lake


Litheos RiverLitheos River


Rerdika-Kozani DamRerdika-Kozani Dam

  • Monitoring of the chemical quality including also irrigation parameters and water pollution indicators of selected  soil drainage canals and ditches of the above river and lake basins. Also under the category of the "soil drainage canals" were included and all other important surface aquatic systems of Macedonia-Thrace and Thessaly which were not named above. In these were included:


  • the surface aquatic systems of Thrace:  the rivers Lissos, Aspropotamos, Komchatos, Asprorema, Kosinthos and Laspias, the irrigation dam at Kavisos-Ardani  and the lake Ismarida.


  • the surface aquatic systems of Macedonia: the rivers Aggitis, Doxadou,  Xeropotamos or Platanorema, Eziovis, Koursovitis (Mpelitsa), Ammodopotamos, Richios, Scholariou, Apollonias,  Gallikos, Vardarovasi, Gorgopis, Doiranis (Agiak), Almopeos (drainage ditch No 66), Vodas (Agras), Tripotamos, Pramoritsa, Venetikos, Grevenitis, Stravopotamos, Ladopotamos, Agiou Germanou and Xeropotamos;  the ditches and/or streams of Sindos, Maritsa, Arapitsa, Mikrolimnis, Tichiou, Gioli, Soulou, Amyntas, Sklithrou and Aetou; the Main Drainage Canal of Tenagi Filippon,  the drainage canal Artzan-Ammatovou  and the irrigation dams located at Lefkogia in the sub-basin of Nevrokopi, Vasiliadas in Kastoria and Perdika in Kozani.


  • the surface aquatic systems of  Thessaly: the rivers Neochoritis,Titarisios (Voulgaris), Kalentzis and Farsaliotis;  the Big Drainage Ditch (Megalo Rema), the streams of Argiropouli and Karditsa,  the dam of Mitropolis-Karditsa and the  dams of the former lake Karla (those located in the area of Kalamaki and Kanalia).


  • Collection and evaluation of all existing data concerning geological and  hydrogeological information as well existing hydrological data  in order to derive knowledge about the structure and mechanisms of development of groundwater aquifers of the study area.


  • Measurements, twice per year, of groundwater levels in the study area in order to derive knowledge about the hydraulic  connection and/or communication between surface and ground water  aquifers.


  • Development of Geographical Information System (GIS) for the study area using a widely used and commercially available  software.


  • Processing and evaluation of  analytical data derived  from the monitoring of  the water chemical quality of the study area with the purpose of reaching conclusions  satisfying the aim and the objectives of the project.


  • Proposals to establish environmental indicators for future monitoring of water quality in the study area.


  • Processing of data concerning pesticide residues present in surface and ground aquatic systems of the study area and evaluate their environmental impact.
Almopeos RiverAlmopeos River



Monitored Parameters



In situ measurements
Anions and other
ionic species


(dissolved and total

cation content)

Other parameters
Pesticide residues*
Pollution Indicators



 Al (μg/L)


(mg CaCO3/L)

  BOD5 (mg/L)



 Sb (μg/L)  SAR   COD (mg/L)

 Dissolved oxygen




 As (μg/L)  Water Hardness  


(lakes) (mg/L)

% oxygen saturation



Ca (mg/L) Boron (mg/L)   Ecological quality

Redox (mV)



Cd (μg/L)      

TDS (mg/L)

(Total dissolved Solids)



K (mg/L)      

Secchi (m)


Total phosphorus


Mn (μg/L)      

Depth (lakes)



Mg (mg/L)      
Conductivity (μS/cm)



Pb (μg/L)      



Na (mg/L)      



Ni (μg/L)      



Se (μg/L)      



Si (mg/L)      



Fe (μg/L)      



Cu (mg/L)      



Hg (μg/L)      



Cr (μg/L)      



Zn (μg/L)      



Sn (μg/L)