Kastorias LakeKastorias Lake  
  • Extensive monitoring of the existing quality of surface and ground irrigation waters available in Macedonia-Thrace and Thessaly.


  • Consideration of the quality characteristics of ground water systems and the respective ground water levels with the hydrogeological characteristics of the different aquifers with the purpose of understanding the mechanisms of the water flow and thus follow the mechanisms of the pollutant dispersion processes.


  • Identification and location of pollution sources, especially those related to the agricultural activities in each river or lake basin of the study area to account and evaluate the contribution of agricultural practices in the pollution of water resources, with the purpose of taking on time the appropriate measures of protection and water quality remediation measures,  for the sustainable use of the natural water resource according to the implementation measures required by the EU Directive 2000/20.


  • Monitoring and evaluation of the chemical quality of drainage waters of agricultural land in order to be re-used in agriculture for the purpose of reducing  the abstraction of ground and surface waters for irrigation purposes thus protecting ground water aquifers from salination and pollution from nitrates and pesticide residues and on the other hand sustaining  the ecological diversity of plant and animal life of the lakes and the discharge areas (Delta) of the rivers.


 Loudias RiverLoudias River

Pinios RiverPinios River

  • Monitoring and evaluation of the water quality of soil drainage waters suitable to be re-used for irrigation purposes without affecting adversely the soil quality, the ground water aquifers and simultaneously protecting the quality of agricultural production and thus assuring a strong competitiveness of  products of the Greek Agriculture.


  • Monitoring the progress of irrigation water quality improvement after the implementation of the  Community Regulation No. 2076/2002 regarding the withdrawal from the European markets of all pesticides not registered in Annex I of the Directive 414/91, as replaced by the new Directive 128/2009/ EC, establishing a framework for Community action to achieve the sustainable use of pesticides.


  • Provide proposals for establishing environmental indicators for monitoring in  the future the water quality in the study area.