The main aim of the project was to establish an extensive and clear picture of the existing chemical quality of irrigation water available in a total of 21 basins of rivers and lakes of Macedonia-Thrace and Thessaly; further more identify and locate the different pollution sources in order to take on time



the necessary measures of water protection and remediation actions for the sustainable use of the natural resource of water according to the implementation needs of the EU Directive 2000/60 and other EU Directives of environmental protection and especially those concerning the protection of agricultural ecosystems.






    Monitoring of chemical quality of irrigation water (surface and groundwater) of the river 

    basins of Macedonia-Thrace and Thessaly.

Project Owner:

   Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food

Implementing Body:

   Administrative Sector for Community Resources and Infrastructure, Directorate for Planning of

   Land Reclamation Projects & Resources Utilization, Department for Protection of Irrigation Water.

Project budget:

   2.600.000 Euros (EAFRD Co-financing)- RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME OF GREECE 2007-2013.